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Portison – Polymeric Antimicrobial

High volume, intensive rearing of animals – particularly pigs and poultry – is conducive to the proliferation of microbiological diseases that affect productivity through increased mortality and reductions in growth rates and feed conversion. In the past, this has been managed with antibiotics, both as growth promoters and for the treatment of disease. However antibiotics are becoming less useful, as resistance spreads among pathogenic bacteria and as countries legislate against their use as growth promoters.

There is a critical need for replacement therapeutic and prophylactic options in commercial animal production, which Portison, a leading Australian end-to-end pharmaceutical company, is poised to fill.

Portison polymeric antimicrobial has a different mode of action to antibiotics. As a result the potential for the development of resistance is extremely low and pressure on the development of resistant bacteria is removed.

Portison is a patented revolutionary polymeric antimicrobial for the animal health market. Portison is a highly potent antibiotic replacement for the management of susceptible microbes that affect intestinal health in pigs & chickens.

The solution is easily and effectively administered via the drinking water providing immediate and continuous protection.

The unique structure and activity of Portison polymeric antimicrobial minimises both the likelihood of residues in the carcass, and negative impacts on the environment.

Portison polymeric antimicrobial cost-effectively, reliably and sustainably manages intestinal disease in weaner pigs and poultry.

Interested in using Portison for your pig or poultry farm? Contact us today for more information Portison, the safer alternative. If you haven’t already, check out our industry page on pig and poultry farming.