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D-Scaler – Remove Rust, Lime and Scale

D-Scaler – The Innovative New Technology for Removing Rust, Lime and Scal

NWS D-Scaler is an innovative new technology designed to remove rust, lime and scale deposits from practically all water operated equipment quickly, safely and economically.

NWS D-Scaler is primarily an organic salt that behaves as a strong acid and incorporates a highly effective corrosion inhibitor to minimise the risk of possible damage to the underlying metal substrate.

NWS D-Scaler is a safer, more effective replacement for hazardous acids such as hydrochloric, sulfamic and phosphoric acid and offers superior performance to organic acids such as acetic, oxalic, citric, formic, gluconic and lactic. Innovative Technology for Removing Rust, Lime and Scale.

NWS D-Scaler is a water based formulation that has no hazardous or corrosive fumes associated with it either in storage or during use.

NWS D-Scaler will dissolve approximately 300g of calcium carbonate for every litre of concentrate. When diluted with water, NWS D-Scaler will still dissolve the same amount of calcium carbonate for each litre of concentrate but at a slower rate.

NWS D-Scaler is suitable for use on any equipment that may be effected by water scale such as heat exchangers, boilers, cooling towers, process equipment, condensers, mixers and evaporators.