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    A SEVEN in ONE Product!
    Powerful Disinfectant by Oxidation (most microbes including molds,
    spores and cysts)
    Air Sanitizer (kills microbes and destroys allergens)
    Removes and Destroys Odor (water and air)
    Eliminates and Prevents Biofilm
    Bad Taste and Odor Remover in Water (has no chlorine taste)
    Strong but Selective Bleaching Agent
    Destroys Toxic Materials such as Pesticide

Welcome to Dalaran

We are engaged in the distribution of CleanOxide, a high-purity Chlorine Dioxide (CIO2), which is ideal for treating liquid, surface and/or airborne microbial contamination in a safe and effective manner. CleanOxide can be used in water treatment in water utility districts and companies, various disinfectant (air and water) usage, food processing and animal and crop production.

The company was also established to market and distribute crop protection products, such as but not limited to pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and foliar fertilizers primarily to sustain the need of agri-business sector for a more sustainable grow cycle on a more natural way of recycling of natural resources to prevent degradation. Dalaran sells its agribusiness products and chemicals under the permission and approval of Leads Agricultural Products Corporation.

A Clean and Pure Chlorine Dioxide “CleanOxide”

Applications of CleanOxide:

Domestic Water Treatment
Hospital Disinfection
Pool and Spa Water Treatment
Use in Raw Meat and Vegetables and Food Processing Faciltiities
Animal Production
Crop Production

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